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“Do you worry about what is happening to your child at school?  Do you stay up at night wondering if your child is being bullied and how to approach the subject with him/her?  Are you concerned about how to effectively approach the school administrators to guarantee the safety of your child at school? Are you scared?”

I understand the frustration and anxiety a parent experiences when they are trying to figure out what to do.  I was bullied as a child and have firsthand experience that can help you get a handle on bullying through educational material, books, presentations, performances and consultations.  Download our “A Parents’ Guide to Bullying” FREE as my gift – and get some answers. Did you know that children who are targets often exhibit poor social skills, opening them up to further isolation and torment?   The results can only have a negative effect on character development leading to low self-confidence and a deficit of social skills necessary to live a healthy and happy life within their community.  We need to help our children put a stop to bullying in their schools.

As a bullying expert, Joe starred on a weekly segment called “Bully Busters”on the ABC affiliate WGGB which won the 2011 Associated Press’s Award for Public Affairs.  Click here to see one of his segments

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